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Recreation Registrations

Backlogged with recreation registrations? Our online event and registration system collects digital data and enables users to make payments online. Municipalities can set specific start and end dates, late fees, limits, and manage registration data and payments.

Payment Processing

Tired of people asking if they can pay their utility bill online? Our premier, intuitive, hierarchy-based payment processing system enable you to process credit, debit and eCheck payments securely online, over-the-counter (OTC), and through interactive voice response (IVR). Our self-funded model gets your system up and running without setup, monthly, annual or minimum swipe fees.

Online Forms

Tired of the lengthy, time-consuming, antiquated paper process? How about manually typing hand-written data into a database? Our staff can reduce the paper flow by providing a digital solution. With your forms online, you can collect and manage data and integrate it into back-office systems or complete the cycle by enabling citizens to transact online via our secure payment processing system.